Call (514) 739-9333 or (514) 739-1721 for free delivery, contactless options available!

Greater Montreal Area. 4 pizza minimum for West Island deliveries.

TF Pizza at Home!

Did you know, you can buy half-cooked pizzas to bring home or to cottage? Bring home a bunch of half-cooked pizzas to freeze or cook later the same day – it’s easy, tastes great and is excellent for enjoying at home with friends and family.

Get your 4th half-cooked pizza free when you buy 3!

TF Lentil Soup at Home!

Did you know, you can buy a gallon jar of our famous lentil soup, to enjoy at home? Even better, get the equivalent of two free soups when you buy a gallon – pay for ten, bring home twelve! Ask us about it next time you call to place an order.

Soup is sold refrigerated in gallon-sized glass jars.